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You may be a pro looking for the ideal sound and feel. You may be a collector searching for that vintage piece. You may be a student looking for a first instrument that fits your budget. The search is over. is your online shop for everything you need.  If you don't see what your looking for, email us and we'll find it for you.​ 

This an excellent violin for the experienced student or for the learner looking for value and a better quality. It comes with upgraded D'addario strings, gold fine tuners, bow and rosin all in a plush case. It is set up ready to play.

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Labeled: “CUSTOM BUILT FOR ANDERSON MUSIC, 7/78, MADE IN GERMANY” This violin is fully refurbished in our studio with new ebony trim, bridge and D'addario strings. It plays and sounds great. Comes with two bows, rosin, ​deluxe case with humidistat and built in humidifier . FREE SHIPPING

Custom Full Size German Violin
 Hand Carved Solid Maple Construction, Beautiful Varnish Finish,High Quality Pick up with the new electronic concept,Ebony Fingerboard,  Upgraded strings and bridge. Comes with quality bow, hard case and cable package. Available in Natural or Magenta.

 NEW Electric Accoustic Violin
Vintage 1940's 4/4 violin, Stradivarius copy. Made in Czechoslovakia. This is a nicely constructed violin with solid spruce top with inlaid purfling, maple back and sides. Ebony fingertboard, solid maple neck, highly flamed maple back.

Vintage 1940's 4/4 Violin - Stradivarius Copy
The SHARNEL CROWN is built to our own specifications with the better player in mind.  The top is air-dried Spruce and the back is 2 piece air-dried Maple. The fingerboard, tailpiece and chin rest are solid ebony. The bow is brazil wood with horsetail hair. Extras include upgraded D'Addario strings, new bridge and gold tuners, all in a quality hard case. The tone reacts to the player either mellow or ringing. A truly long
term investment.


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Price: Being Refurbished
Model # VV1607
Price: $340
Model #EV1503 
Magenta or Natural
Price: SOLD

Price: SOLD
Built in 2000, this violin has 14  years of playing and you can tell by the sound. Well cared for, we refinished the surface, added professional strings, bridge, sound post and set it up for immediate playing. We include new bow and hard case with aluminum reinforcing. It looks new and plays with experience.
QuaityRefurbished Full Violin
Price: SOLD
Model # VV1603
One of our favorite instruments. Circa 1890 and in the impression of Stradivarius. This violin has been used for auditorium play and has an amazingly mellow tone. Fully refurbished and ready to play. Must be played to be appreciated. 
Price: Being Refurbished
Model # VV1602

The EAGLE  by SHARNEL INSTRUMENTS is a special violin with great tone, ease of playing and a look that will make you proud. Built with Aged wood, Ebony trim, upgraded D'Addario strings and setup to play,  all in a plush case with new bow and rosin. This violin has been teacher approved.

Model #1417   
 From our own collection. This is a Professional Solo violin. It shows excellent workmanship with elegant f-holes and well executed back arching with clean and accurate carving. The strings are properly spaced,and the neck very comfortable. The tone is warm and resonant,with clear harmonics. It has sufficient power and overtones to be suitable for professinal players. It was previously in the Oselli family of musicians for many years and used by them as a concerto solo violin. The original inside label reads: 'ENRICO OSELLI   MODENA   FATO L'ANO 1981'. This Violin wants to be played and comes with the original Certificate of Authenticity signed by Violin Master 'Enrico Oselli'

Enrico Oselli     Master Lauthier   Madena
Price: $650
Model # VV1605
Sometimes a violin player needs a little something new and this electric/silent violin could be an answer  It's silent because you can play it with earphones directly from the violin, for tuning or just playing around the home when you don't want to disturb anyone else. Or plug it into your amp and play away. Sounds awsome with your sound effects. Available in various colors.

SHARNEL Fun n Funky
Price: $200
Model #EV1502 Purple

 This is the most exciting violin I've played in 50 years.Features include solid maple body, output for amplification, earphone output for silent playing, MP3 input to listen to your song while you play and learn, a fifth string to give a deeper bottom and more. The 5 string violin is as easy to play as a 4 string but allows a better tone and range. Now available in 4 string too.

Price: $340
New shipment
just in.
Model #EV1511 
​NEW 4/4 SHARNEL Jazz Electric
The STAR JUNIOR in small sizes is a qualty student volin that provides an excellet package for the growing student. Above the norm. See above SHARNEL STAR FOR INCLUSIONS.
Full size ROTHENBURG VIOLIN. Mature warm sound and tonality suitable for any player. Finished in warm mape with fLAMMED back.

NEW 4/4 Flamed Violin
This full size  violin patterns the more famous professional electric violins. It is a real beauty and fun to play. Try it out to get the full value. Includes the new sound system with silent feature and mps/mic input. Listen while you play to your favorite music.
Model #1505

Price: $260
Price: $200
Price: $240

A well toned experienced  violin being upgraded with new strings, bridge , sound post and touch-up. Inside label (CREMONA SV-75 fecit anno domini 20)​

Cremona 3/4 Violin
Model # VV1601
Price:  $220 
Model #1411
Model #1409

Price: $360
 1/32, 1/16, 1/10, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2 
One of our best finished and sounding Violins. Natural woodgrain in aged Maple and Spruce. Ebony fngerboard, tailpiece, pegs and chinrest. Includes quality Brazilwood Bow and padded hard case.
This violin follows thework of the master Antonio Stradivari. 


Price: $360
Model AV1414
Model #1402

Well made and well played, this violin has been used in orchestra and solo play.  Made in the Stradivarius copy and just refurbished in our studio it has new trim, bridge, sound peg and new strings. Comes complete with plush case, two bows and dark rosin and is set up ready to play.

OSELLI - Medina Italy Circa 1980 
Price: SOLD
Model # VV1626
This special violin has only been used on very special presentations. It plays good, it sounds good and it looks good. If you're looking for a very special forever violin, this instrument is unique. Try it!.
Price: $625
Model # CS1123